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Boxty Rebellion in Seoul!

사본 -Dash&Boxty1d_800X500

Boxty Rebellion, the Irish folk band are flying into Korea to entertain us for St. Patrick’s Day.

The festival itself takes place in Sindorim, D Cube plaza (Sindorim subway station Lines 1 & 2 Exit 1) on Saturday, March 15th from 12pm to 6pm. This is a family day with story telling, face painting, audience dancing, traditional Irish music and the opportunity to try your hand at some Irish sports.

Boxty Rebellion will join Dara Sheahan, Tap Pung, Sweet Murphy’s Fancy, Bard and Nanah Mc Glennon’s Dance troup on the main stage.

That night the party continues in Rocky Mountain Tavern, Itaewon (Exit 3 walk straight 250 metres) where the IAK Fundraising Hooley will take place from 6pm until late. There will be live traditional Irish music, live bands and the rugby match will be televised at 2am. Tickets on the door are 10,000won.

If you want to catch Boxty Rebellion either side of the weekend, here is where they are performing;

Wolfhound (Friday 14th 11pm),

Rocky Mountain Tavern (Hooley),( Saturday 15th entertainment from 7.30pm),

Maloney’s (Sunday 4pm) 

Sam Ryans (Sunday March 16th from 7.30pm).

 Come out to the festival on March 15th to see them perform for the St. Patrick’s Day festival. More details


Coco Television are looking for Irish people around the world to send a “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” video message back home to be included in this years coverage of the St. Patricks’s Festival Parade shown on RTÉ 1. All you need to do is record yourself on a mobile phone, digital camera or any video device and send to –
To give us a sense of where you are in the world, choose a backdrop that shows off the location e.g  the Taj Mahal, Ayers Rock, Golden Gate Bridge or the beach in Thailand
Your clip cannot have any association with alcohol.
Your message must not exceed 8 seconds in duration.
Example of message: “Hello to everyone back home in Ireland, Happy St. Patrick’s day from New York”   
The deadline for submissions is Saturday 15th March 2013.

An Uber Irish Partnership for Paddy’s Day

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Need a ride to the St Patrick’s Day Hooley or want to ride home in style after a day of festivities? We’ve partnered with Uber, a mobile application that connects passengers with drivers at the tap of a button, to have you riding in style!

Use the Uber app and special promotion code PADDYSGOTSEOUL to request a comfy ride which will be free up to 20,000 won. With the code, a ride from the Festival venue in Sindorim to The Rocky Mountain Tavern in Itaewon will be about 8,000 won or less!

Here’s how you make the most of this amazing deal:

uber st patricks day seoul
For questions contact


St Patrick’s Day Costume Competition Returns!

The Irish Association of Korea will be running another fantastic costume competition at this year’s St Patrick’s Day festival on March 15th, with the winner walking away  with 200,000 Won in cash! There will also be runner – up prizes  up for grabs to the 2nd and 3rd place winners.

Now is the time to start getting your Irish-themed outfit together and make sure to wear plenty of GREEN!

Below are some of last year’s winners and some photos of people at the Festival who we believe really got into the true spirit of St Patrick’s Day!

fancy dress baby green dog st patricks day korean baby st patricks day lucky charms st patricks day costume

Interested in meeting Minister Fitzgerald?

Interested in meeting Minister Fitzgerald?

 We are delighted that the Minister of Children and Youth Affairs, Frances Fitzgerald T.D. will be joining us in Korea for a St Patrick’s Day programme on 13th  and 14th  March.

St. Patrick’s Day is one of the few country national days which is recognised and celebrated globally. The visits that our Ministers make to coincide with St. Patrick’s Day increase connections with Ireland and develop awareness of Ireland in countries and markets where we are less known as well as those where we have longstanding and deeply rooted friendships.

Minister Fitzgerald’s visit will give her an opportunity to engage with Korea, to promote Irish business in and with Korea, and to learn about what life is like in Korea for Koreans and for the Irish community here.

Given her portfolio for Children and Youth Affairs, Minister Fitzgerald would like to have the opportunity to meet members of the growing young Irish community here to learn about your experiences of life in Korea, the challenges of living so far away from home, and the experience of living and working in a different country.

To do this there will be an event at 19.00 in central Seoul on Thursday 13 March. It will be an opportunity for an informal exchange of views with Minister Fitzgerald, followed by some refreshments.

If you would like to be a part of this event please email to register your interest including your name, age, the area where you live, an email address and a phone number.

Please register your intention early, as numbers will be limited.The embassy  will issue a formal invitation when they hear from you.

Will Berger Memorial Cup

Irish expat clubs, Seoul Gaels and Seoul St.Pats will be putting friendships aside as they compete in the first Will Berger Memorial Cup, in Seoul, this Saturday.

Seoul Gaels 2

The game, which,will feature one half of Gaelic football and one half of soccer comes as both teams are preparing to begin their respective seasons. Seoul Gaels and Seoul St.Pats have had close ties ever since they were founded in 2002.

Traditionally, they have both played a prominent role in the Irish community, in Korea,and a large number of players have played for both clubs. The game will give both clubs a chance to enjoy healthy competition on the field and build friendships off  the field ahead of a busy year. It will also give non-Irish nationals the chance to sample the sport of Gaelic Football, for the first time.


Will Berger, a former player, of both Seoul Gaels and Seoul St. Pats, tragically lost his life in the States last year. Both clubs plan to have this, as an annual event, in his memory.

It will take place on Saturday, 3pm at  Sinhwa Middle School 신화중하교  near  Hwagok Station  화곡역 (Line 5) Please come along if you would like to get involved or meet some faces from the Irish community. Alternatively, you can meet members from both teams, in Itaewon, after the game, at The Pizza Pub, Hollywoods Bar and Grill or The Wolfhound Pub.

Seoul Gaels 3

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Ireland


10. Saint Patrick was neither a Saint nor Irish!

Many people are completely oblivious to why Irish people all over the world celebrate St. Patricks Day. Why do over 2 million people show up to watch the parade in New york City,  why do they go as far as dying the river green in Chicago and why do 100,000′s of people in Ireland hold a week long festival  around this time every year. Well it is all in the name of Saint Patrick…despite that NOT being his real name and him not been born in Ireland. St. Patrick was actually born in Britain and was named Maewyn.  Irish raiders captured him during an attack and took him to Ireland, heolding him captive for over six years. He later changed his name to Patricius, or Patrick, which derives from the Latin term for “father figure,” when he became a Priest.

9. Potatoes are NOT from Ireland

So turns out St Patrick is no more Irish than potatoes. Which, by the way, originally grew in Chile as far back as 500 BC and only arrived in Ireland as late as the 16th Century. Madness, we know! On the subject of potatoes, or spuds as we call them back home, people in Uganda have a very special name they call mashed potatoes. In Uganda, if you want some mash with your dinner you must simply order some “Irish”.

8. U2 isn’t even Irish!

Well not all of them anyway. In fact not only is half the band NOT Irish but they hail ……ENGLAND!! Both The Edge and Adam Clayton were born in London and Oxfordshire to Welsh and English parents respectively. Only Bono and Larry Mullen are Irish true an true!

7. The Shamrock represents the Holy Trinity

St. Patrick is famous for bringing Christianity to Ireland around A.D. 432. Legend says that St Patrick chose the shamrock as a symbol of the Christian church, its three leaves representing the Holy Trinity: God, Son and the Holy Spirit, joined together by a common stalk. By by the time of St. Patrick’s died on March 17, 461 (thus why we celebrate St. Patric’s Day on March 17th)  he had created a number of churches, schools and monasteries around Ireland dedicated to Christianity.

6. It is illegal to drink on the streets in Ireland!

Everyone imagines Irish people stumbling around the streets of Dublin, pint in hand singing to our hearts content. The reality is a little sobering. Drinking on the street or anywhere outside of a licensed premise is in fact illegal in Ireland. Pubs, bars and clubs  are all  closed by 2.30am, a time that could well be one of the earliest closing times out of all cities in Europe!

5. Everyone wants to be Irish!

This isn’t some light hearted joke, “har har har sure everybody wants to be Irish on St Patrick’s day!” No! This is actually a fact. How is it that while the population of Ireland, which is a tiny Island really, is only about 4 million (and decreasing every day tahnks to mass emigration) yet over 80 MILLION people worldwide claim Irish ancestry and hold Irish passports or dual citizenship!

4. There are OVER 1,000 pubs in Dublin

Considering the fact that Dublin has barely 1 million inhabitants, and thus is could practically be called a village compared to the bright lights of Seoul, it’s hard to believe there are over 1,000 pubs in the city. Many say it is actually impossible to cross the city, from North to South, without passing a pub. Not that anyone would want to do that!

3. Saint Valentine’s ashes are in Ireland

We may not have St. Patrick, but we do have Saint Valentine! The remains of St Valentine, the Patron Saint of Love and Lovers, are held in the Whitefriars Street Carmelite Church in Dublin. They were discovered in the early 1800s in Rome and some three decades later were given to a Dublin priest by Pope Gregory XVI. After nearly a century in storage, the relics were rediscovered about 50 years ago and are now housed in a shrine at the church, beneath a statue of the saint holding a crocus flower. I think few people are aware of this one

2. St Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland

According to legend, in addition to bringing Christianity to Ireland, St. Patrick was also credited with driving unwanted slithering reptiles out of Ireland in the 5th century. However, his job may have been quite easy, considering there weren’t any snakes to drive off the island in the first place!

1. Ireland’s Official language does not have words for “yes” and “no” 

The official first language of the Republic of Ireland is not English, it’s Irish (otherwise known as called Gaelic). While most people use English as their first language, as much as 40% of Ireland’s citizens consider themselves to be competent in Irish and must learn it in school from the age of 4  until 18.  One of Irish’s many curiosities compared to English is the absence of words that directly translate into “yes” or “no.”  Rather, Irish speakers answer questions requiring a positive or negative by verb repetition. For example, When asked if someone is “Going to the pub?,” the answer might be “I am,” as opposed to “yes.”

Top 10 Reasons To Celebrate St Patrick’s Day in Seoul

Here are Top 10 reasons to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in Seoul this year at the 14th annual St Patrick’s Irish Festival.

10. Practice makes perfect

Did you know that the Irish Association of Korea has organized the annual St Patrick’s Day Festival in Seoul for over a decade? In fact, this year will be its 14th consecutive event. As the saying goes, “Practice makes Perfect”, and this year’s festival is sure to be bigger and better than before.

한국 아일랜드 협회가 10년이 넘게 세인트 패트릭의 날 축제를 매년 정기적으로 진행해 온 것을 알고 계셨나요? 사실,올해가 바로 14회째 되는 행사입니다.우리가 말하듯이 “실습이 모든 것을 완벽히 만든다“라고 하는데 올해의 행사가 확실히 이전보다 다 크고 더 나을 것입니다.


9. Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day

With over 1,000 Irish expats now living in South Korea, and many more people with a smidgen of Irish blood in them, this year’s festival promises to be as authentic  as can be.

남한에 일천명이 넘는 아일랜드인 해외 거주자가 있으며 그보다 많은 이들이 아이리쉬 혼혈계의 사람들입니다.올해 축제는 최대한 이국적인 행사가 될 것을 약속합니다

St. Patricks Day Festival In Seoul

8. A ready-made lesson for Monday morning!

Come along to the festival  on March 15th, then on Monday (which is actually St Patrick’s Day) all you teachers will have some great ideas to discuss with your students. Take a break from spelling and grammar, and get your kids to decorate your classroom with Shamrocks, write a short story about what they would do if they found a pot of gold,  draw themselves as leprechaun’s or design a poster outlining everything they know about Ireland and St Patrick’s Day. You’re welcome!

3월 15일 축제에 오셔서 실제의 세인트 페트릭 날인 월요일을 대비해 교사분들이 여러분의 학생들과 대단한 아이디어들을 토론하게 됩니다.철자와 문법으로부터 쉼을 갖고 여러분의 제자들에게 교실을 아일랜드 행운의 상징인 Shamrock(샴록)으로 장식해 보세요.만약 금항아리를 발견한다면 학생들이 무얼 할 것인가를 짧은 글로 쓰기도 하며 그들을 레프리콘으로 그림 그리기도 하고 그들이 알고 있는 모든 아일랜드와 세인트 패트릭 날에 대한 포스터를 만들어요. 여러분 모두를 환영합니다!

pot of gold

7. Get your face painted!

Let’s not lie…everyone, young and old, loves an opportunity to get their face painted! Be it a small shamrock, or the colours of the Irish flag plastered across your face, the St Patrick’s Day festival is the perfect opportunity to leave the make up at home and get creative with the face paint!

거짓말 하지말고…여러분~,나이에 상관없이 모든 이들이 얼굴 페인팅을 사랑하죠!작은 Shamrock(샴록) 또는 아일랜드 깃발 색깔들을 얼굴에 칠해 보세요.세인트 페트릭의 날 축제가 화장품을 집에 두고와도  얼굴 페인트로 창의적이 될 수 있는 완벽한 기회가 된답니다!

face paint

6. Your chance to try Ceili Dancing.

Can you think of anything better to be doing on a Saturday afternoon than kicking your legs up in the air, swinging your friends around in circles and generally having a great time with hundreds of other friendly, happy people while listening to amazing live, traditional ceili music?!

토요일 오후에다리를 차며 친구들과 원으로 돌며 다른 수백명의 행복한 이들과 놀라운 라이브,전통 케일리  음악을 들으며 대단한 시간을 보내는 것보다 더 다른 좋은 일이 있을 수 있을까요?

patricks high res

5. A full day of FREE, live entertainment.

That’s right…we said FREE. Come along and enjoy a full day of live music, with Irish acts, Korean acts and even an international act which is being flown in especially for the event. From pop and rock, to traditional ballads and even a solo bag pipe performance, this is not a day you want to miss. Did we mention it’s free?!

맞습니다.저희가 무료라 했습니다.자 ,다 오셔서 톡별히 이 행사를 위해 준비된 하루 종일 열리는 라이브 음악,아이리쉬 공연,한국 공연 그리고 더 나아가 국제공연을 즐기세요.팝에서 록,전통 발라드에서 솔로 백파이프 공연까지 이 날은 여러분이 놓치고 싶지않은 날입니다.저희가 무료하고 했지요?

2008 St Patricks Parade Concert 1

4. Watch some of Asia’s top Irish Dancers

Tap Pung is a group of 5 Korean Dancers who have perfected the art of Irish dancing. They have always been one of the most popular acts at the St Patrick’s Day Festival and at our now annual Seoul Ceili and thus are returning again this year to entertain the masses. Be ready to be impressed.

탭풍은 완벽하게 아이리쉬 댄스를 예술로 승화시킨 다섯명의 한국인으로 구성된 그룹입니다. 그들은 항상 세인트 패트릭의 날 축제에서 제일 인기있는 공연중의 하나이며 현재 저희의 매년 정기 서울 케일리에서 공연합니다. 감동 받으실 준비를 하세요.


3. Try your hand at Gaelic Football

The St Patrick’s Day Festival in Seoul, unlike Ireland, does not simply revolve around music, dance and drinking. We aim to showcase everything Ireland has to offer, including sport. The Seoul Gaels Gaelic Football team will have a tent at the festival, and will be giving you the opportunity to try out gaelic football and consider signing up to the club.

서울의 세인트 패트릭 데이는 단지 음악,무용 그리고 술자리를 의미하지 않습니다.저희는 아일랜드가 선보여야 할 스포츠를 보여드릴 것을 목적으로도 합니다.서울 게일스 게일릭 축구팀이 축제 텐트에서 게일릭 축구를 시도해 볼 기회를 드리며 클럽에 등록할 수 있도록 도와 드립니다.

Seoul Gaels - 3

2. Feast on some delicious, traditional Irish food.

Can you say….bangers and mash? Or how about a liquid lunch of a nice, cold pint of Guinness? Luckily for you, The Sheraton Seoul D Cube City Hotel, which is right next to the festival venue, will have delicious Irish food on offer at very reasonable prices. Be sure to fill up early…nobody should dance on an empty stomach!

뱅거스와 마쉬 라고 말해보실 수 있나요? 또는 좋고 차가운 기네스와 함께 곁들인 점심 식사는 어떨까요? 행운의 당신에게 쉐라톤 서울 디큐브 시티 호텔이 축제 장소 바로 옆에서 맛있는 아일랜드 음식을 저렴한 가격에 제공해 드립니다.일찍 와서 드셔 보세요.어느 누구도 빈 속에 춤추길 원치 않잖아요!


1. For the craic!

If there is one phrase the whole world associates with Ireland, it has to be “For the Craic!” We are known for doing many wild and hilarious antics, just for the ‘craic’. (Craic is Irish for fun, in case you didn’t know!) So if there is one reason you decide to come along on March 15th….let it be for the craic ;the fun, the hijinks, the shenanigans, the laughter, the stories, the banter. It’s sure to be mighty.

아일랜드와 연관된 어느 한 단어가 있다면 즐거움을 위하여!라고 해아만 할 것입니다.우리 아일랜드인들은 많은 거칠고 기막힌 일들을 단지 즐거움`-Craic(크레익`)을 위해 하기로 알려져 있답니다.(혹시 모르시는 분들을 위해  Craic(크레익)이란 아일랜드 전통어로 즐거움을 뜻합니다) 그러므로 여러분이 어느 한가지 이유로 3월 15일에 오신다면 … 즐거움이 되기로 합시다. 그 즐거움,그 법석댐과 시끄러움,웃음과 이야기들 그리고 즐거운 농담들 모두….정말 확실히 이 축제에선 거대할 것으로 보입니다.


Let’s show the world that Seoul is a happy place!

As the St Patrick’s Day Festival quickly approaches, excitement levels are sharply rising within the IAK and many of the 1,000 plus Irish expats living in Korea. To celebrate, we have decided to do what we Irish do best….to get outside and dance!

We want to show the world what an incredibly fun and happy place Seoul is, and we would like YOU to be apart of the magic!

We are making a re-make of the Pharrell Williams “Happy” music video, which has been copied in big cities all over the world. If you would like to join in the fun, simply ask a friend to film you (and your students, friends, boss, dog, child…!) dancing somewhere outdoors in Seoul for 5-10 seconds. Then email the video clip to

Here is a video made by people in Dublin showing that they are also VERY VERY happy! `Join us in showing everyone that Seoul is a happy place too.


St. Patrick’s Day Festival 2014


With March fast approaching and the snow slowly starting to melt, the Irish Association of Korea is gearing up for our biggest event of the year….The St. Patrick’s Day Festival 2014.

Thanks to the kind support of Daesung Corporation, D Cube City, Korean Air,  The Seoul Grand Hyatt Hotel, Groove magazine, Etihad Airways, Asia Ireland Chamber of Commerce in Korea, and the Sheraton Seoul D Cube City Hotel, the 14th annual St Patrick’s Day Festival will take place in D Cube Plaza, Sindorim from 12pm until 6pm on Saturday March 15th.

The open air concert which has become synonymous with Saint Patrick’s Day in Seoul, attracting up to 10,000 spectators in the past, will be the centerpiece of the Irish Association of Korea’s festival this year.

The festival is known for its keen participation from members of both the Irish and Korean community and this year will not disappoint with traditional folk-dancers and musicians playing Irish music, both traditional and popular rock, coming from all over Korea and further afield.

Musicians from Ireland will also feature heavily on the bill and the festival will offer an opportunity for the public to get involved – traditional folk-dancing, which has grown in popularity every year, will take place at the main stage. The dancing gives everyone, young and old, a chance to come up and try some of the lively dances.


The festival has also become a major international family event, as children can get their faces painted; listen to some traditional storytelling; and sing and dance to the live music.

A display of Gaelic football – a unique national sport from Ireland – will be hosted by the Seoul Gaels Gaelic football team, one of the most successful teams in Asia.

The Irish Village will also return to the festival this year to create a separate area away from the main stage which will offer a more laid back atmosphere. At the Irish Village you will be able to listen to Irish traditional music, try your hand at playing some instruments or taste some traditional Irish cuisine.

This year there will be a Costume Competition (kindly sponsored by Sona and AngloInfo Seoul) and a large raffle with the main prize a pair of return flights to Dublin from Seoul (thanks to sponsors Etihad Airways). Tickets will be sold on the day and the raffle draw will take place before the end of the festivities.

After the main event, the festivities will continue in the Rocky Mountain Tavern in Itaewon from 6pm until 12am for The Official IAK Hooley. Tickets are 10,000 won and will be available at the festival and at the door.

To stay up-to-date, sign up to the official Facebook Event page HERE.