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RASKB-Blue Dalmation photography workshop series. Part 2

The second Royal Asiatic Society, Korea Branch/Blue Dalmatian photography workshop will take place on Saturday, June 21, 2:00 pm~3:00 pm, at The Alibi, near Exit 11 of Gangnam Station. This month’s workshop’s topic is “Street Photography – Gangnam Style!” It will be led by our own Tom Coyner.

The agenda is as follows: * Past Month’s Photo Challenge Constructive Critiques * Equipment, Settings, etc. for Korea Street Photography * Selecting a Street Photography Location * Jay Maisel’s 33 Considerations for Street Photography * Other Street Photography Tips * Street vs Posed, Candid vs Buy-in * Legal and Ethical Issues * Henri Cartier-Bresson’s “Decisive Moment” * Street Photography Examples * The Camera is a Two-Way Lens – a perspective * Hands-on Street Practice! (roughly 2 hours) * After-practice Results Review back at The Alibi with optional refreshments Participation fee is W60,000, payable in cash at the door. All participants will get an Adobe PDF copy of the lecture presentation.

To add a bit of philosophical dimension to this particular workshop, please ponder the following: In David duChmin’s “A Beautiful Anarchy,” the famous New York street photographer Jay Maisel (whom we will be studying in the workshop) was approached by a student who asked, “How do I make more interesting photographs?” Without pausing, Jay replied, “Become a more interesting person.” That valid point not only applies to all the arts, but one may say to all aspects of life, including being an entrepreneur, corporate manager, carpenter or whatever. Whatever we do is a manisfestation of who we intrinsically are. If we are boring, over conventional, risk adverse, etc., our lives will be marked by corresponding demeanors and behaviors. Life is too short. Do what YOU have to do – including doing what you’re not supposed to do whenever there is inadequate reason for conforming to the herd. And that may well include trying one’s hand at street photography!

For more information, please contact Tom Coyner at and/or visit the Blue Dalmatian Photography Facebook page.

RASKB-Blue Dalmation photography workshop series

Or very own Tom Coyner is hosting this series of workshops. All the details are here;

RASKB-Blue Dalmatian Workshop series begins on Saturday, May 24th, 7:00 pm.

Please note we reserve the right to switch around the topics by month, based on workshop participants’ and facilitators’ preferences and requirements.  But as things stand, we have scheduled the following workshops:
May 24 – Getting to Know Your Digital Equipment - review of proper use of the basics and intro to the rarely used functions, including those used by professionals, that make up 90% of most equipment’s features. This first workshop is priced with an introductory 50% discount. 
June 21(?) – Korean Landscapes (field trip workshop): basics and handling unique Korean challenges
July – Informal Portraitures: basics and cultural nuances
August – Street Photography – Gangnam Style: dealing with Korean strangers on the streets of Gangnam
September – Lighting & Color: controlling and creating photo environments in Korea
October - On-site Application of What’ve Learned at Gyeongbug-gung (field trip workshop)
November – Evaluating One’s Own and Other’s Photo Portfolios
December – Exhibition: Seoul location to be determined
Future/Concurrent Workshops: 
Fine Art Photography (workshop series)
Applying Leadership Skills to Your Photography (single workshop)
* Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, etc. 3- and/or 5-day Photography Workshops (from 2015)

One does not need to participate in all or even a majority of the workshops.  However, regular participation is rewarded by having professional photo critiques by Sang, an experienced photographic arts professor, which will take place during each subsequent workshop’s review of the past month’s photographic challenge photo assignment.

Map and directions to the Workshop (may also be seen at
Spring Studio in the basement of 107-12 Nonhyeon 2-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

WALKING DIRECTIONS (5 minutes total): Come out Exit 3 of Gangnam-gu Office subway station on (Olive) Line 7. Go straight, with the street on one’s left. Pass the first alley (Hakdong 47-gil) and go 1 short block to Hakdong 45-gil (separates a coffee shop from a pharmacy). Turn right on Hakdong 45-gil, and go down the hill to a T-intersection facing the 우림 Motel. Take a left and go up the hill to just one block short of the main intersection at the top of the hill. Turn right at a multi-story noodle store on the right, on to Hakdong 41-gil alley. Go 3 short blocks. The studio is in the basement of a four-story building on the right with a coffee shop on the first (ground) floor.

Please bring your camera with you to the May 24th workshop!  

Please bring your friends to the workshops – but kindly have them to register with Tom Coyner first at or by phone at 010-9099-6195! 

The first 3-hour workshop, that starts from 7:00 pm, on Saturday, May 24, in Nonhyon-dong (Gangnam), is W50,000, or W45,000 for RAS members.  The subsequent workshops will also be 3 hours long at double that fee rate.  We are building the workshop series so that the total value will be greater than the sum of the individual workshops through ongoing individual monthly photo challenges/critiques.  There will be a photo exhibition of the workshop’s photographs in December.  In any case, people pay at the door in cash at each workshop.

The workshops are being led  by Sang-Bum Lim, a bilingual Korean fine arts photographer who studied 6 years at the Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California as well as worked as a commercial photographer and journalist in the US.  He is now teaching at Daegu Arts University and Choong-Ang University.  He has almost 20 years teaching experience.  I have been doing photography for 40 years and have taught workshops for the Royal Asiatic Society, Korea Branch and the US Embassy in Korea.

The workshops are very much individual photographer oriented so as to be able to provide genuine value at amateur to professional skill levels.

The first workshop will take place in a professional studio and we will return there for portraits workshop later this year.  I will uniquely dominate this first workshop, but Sang will take over the workshop at the end.  The first half of the workshop will be a presentation on the latest trends in digital gear as well as tricks and tips that the professionals use in their shooting that most amateurs are unaware.  Following that, Sang and I will consult each participation on questions and issues regarding current and possible future equipment.  Sang will then give a presentation on his fine art and documentary photography.  We will conclude the evening with Sang assigning a photographic challenge for the participants to take on during the coming four week.  Optionally, following the formal session, we will have a survey of the local beer found near the workshop location.

All participants will receive a 70+-page PDF equipment and tips guide that is reviewed during on the workshop.
Most of the future workshops will be outside, with a strong “hands on” orientation with Sang and me working closely with individuals.  The first workshop will be focusing on people being adequately up to speed with their digital equipment  There will be a lecture on some of the less obvious basics, some not well known tricks employed by seasoned professionals, extensive one-on-one cons

Sang and I look forward to meeting you all on May 24th.  

    Tom Coyner

   Onsite Studios Asia
studio-quality photography
  tel: +82-10-9099-6195


HBC Festival 2014- The Irish acts.

The HBC festival is happening this weekend, May 16th, 17th and 18th. The entire schedule and run down of acts can be found on their website.

Here are some acts involving our very own Irish….

Friday: Magna Fall will p lay at 11pm in Philly´s Basement

Friday: Ceolteori Seoul will play in VFW at 11pm

Saturday; Baekma will play in Rabbit Hole at 8pm

We´ll keep the list updated as we get the details.


Jameson Brand Ambassador- position available

May 12th 2014

*Ideal candidate would be fluent in written and spoken Korean.  Candidates an be of any nationality, preferably Irish or Korean.

Job Title : Jameson Brand Ambassador (Korea market specific)

Recommended Korean title :제임슨한국홍보대사

Reports to:Modern Spirits Brand Manager

Training will be held in Ireland for Jameson for 5 weeks(TBC)

Person who plans to stay in Korea for long-time

Main Objectives of Job
  • Communication window between local and global brand ambassador
  • Brand + mixology communication to consumer and field lead to brand loyalty
  • Building network with field
  • Market update based on regular visit
  • Korean Communication skill is required


Roles & Responsibilities
  • Communication window

­   Assist Brand Manager with developing event & promotion aligned with global activities

­   Global and new activities update & communication with global brand ambassador and others from different countries

  • Brand + mixology communication

­   brand education and easy mixed drink for key opinion leader and consumers

­   new drinking ritual, mixology

  • Building network with field

­   relationship with key account owners and bar staffs communicate brand image and sales increase

­   Branded item status check

  • Market update based on daily visit

­   Competitor activities, promotion

­   daily visit to different venues with weekly report (list of venues, key market update, picture)

­   consumer needs + trend

­   key men/bartender needs + trend

­   competitor activities

­   drinking ritual + mixology trend

­   new brand in market

­   Modern spirits promotion idea development in SMOT

­   Branding status check

­   Monthly report of all information

  • Training will be held in Ireland for Jameson for 5 weeks(TBC)
  • Candidate should plan to stay in Korea for long-time
  • Candidate should have no issue traveling overseas
  • Call for inquiry: 02 3466 5844
  • Mail your resume to:
Communication with
InternalBrand ManagerSales representative

Jameson Regional Manager

Other related internal dept. if necessary

ExternalVenue Owners/CustomersBartenders


Temporary position available in Embassy of Ireland, Seoul

Job opening

Temporary post as Attaché

Embassy of Ireland, Republic of Korea

The Embassy of Ireland in Seoul is seeking applications for a temporary position of Attaché.

The Attaché will undertake a range of activities across the political, trade and administrative areas. Responsibilities will include coordinating and managing projects at the Embassy including visits and events; planning and participation in meetings; monitoring and reporting on political developments; supporting the representation of Irish trade interests and ensuring the smooth running of the administrative functions of the Embassy.


Requirements for the Post

The successful candidate will have:

-      A third level qualification;

-      Good interpersonal skills;

-      The ability to work well in a team and under pressure;

-      Strong skills in project management, analysis and report writing, customer service;

-      Knowledge of Ireland, its history, culture, political systems and current government policies;

-      A strong interest in and knowledge of, Korean current affairs including domestic policies, international relations, inter-Korean policies and international trade agreements;

-      Interest in EU structures and policies

 Previous relevant work experience and knowledge of the Korean language will be taken into account when applications are assessed.

 Application Process

Please submit:

-      A CV of not more than 2 pages including contact details for two referees

-      A letter setting out your interest and suitability for the position (max 1 page)

Application should be submitted by email to or by post addressed to Attaché Competition, Embassy of Ireland, 13 F Leema Bldg, 42 Jong-ro 1-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul 110-755 by 5pm on Wednesday 7 May.

 A shortlist of candidates will be called for interview on the basis of the information supplied. Interviews are scheduled to take place during the week of 12 May and may be conducted by video conference, if necessary. No travel expenses will be payable for interviews


Contractual Information

Gross Salary: KRW 4,900,000 per month

 Location: Embassy of Ireland, Seoul

Hours of Work: generally 09.00-17.45. The hours of attendance are based on a working week of not less than 43.25 hours. However, given the nature of the role, a considerable degree of flexibility will be required, including some evening duties.

 The contract period will be for a period of up to 11 months. There is no entitlement to civil service status. On completion of the contract the attaché will be precluded from internship positions in the Department of Foreign Affairs either in Ireland or abroad.

The successful applicant will be required to provide a medical certificate.

 Persons who have availed of recent incentivised early retirement or voluntary redundancy schemes in the Irish public service are not eligible to take part in this competition. Applications will be required to complete a declaration confirming this. Applicants will also be required to declare any entitlements to an Irish public service pension benefit (in payment or preserved) from any other Irish public service employment and/or where they have received a payment in-lieu in respect of service in any public service employment.

 The Embassy of Ireland is committed to a policy of equal opportunity.

Blue Dalmation Photo

Blue Dalmatian Photo: Photo Workshops that Cross Cultural Divides

 “Blue Dalmatian Photo” founders/instructors Tom Coyner and Sang-bum (“Sang”) Lim have agreed with the Royal Asiatic Society Korea Branch (RAS Korea) to launch a series of 7 monthly “RAS Photo Workshops.” The three-hour workshops are designed for English-speaking photographers of all skill levels, whether or not they are members of the RAS. The workshops are believed to be the first ever to address the cross-cultural challenges of photography in Korea.

 Says Tom Coyner: “Sang and I know that the camera is the strongest potential tool to build relationships – especially when one is in a foreign country. But too many people approach photography in such a way that the camera becomes an obstacle, something that intimidates both the photographer and the subject. We recognize a genuine need to help people develop both their photographic and cultural skills.”

 Lim is a professor of photography at Daegu Arts University. A graduate of Chung-Ang University with a BA in photography, Lim also studied for 6 years at The Brooks Institute, a prestigious photography school in Santa Barbara, California. Besides being a well-known fine art photographer and having worked full time as an American photo-journalist and commercial photographer, Lim has taught photography for almost 20 years. Coyner has photographed for over 40 years in the U.S., Japan and Korea. He recently conducted regular photography workshops for the RAS for almost 18 months.

Beyond imparting essential photo skills, the workshops will mainly focus on how to create wonderful images and memories when visiting or living in another, foreign culture. Naturally, Koreans are also welcome to participate in these English-language workshops. In order to cover expenses and in recognition of the workshop preparation and facilitation time by the two professional instructors, each participant will be asked to pay a tuition fee of KW 100,000 for each 3-hour workshop. Current RAS Korea members are entitled to a KW 10,000 discount.

Workshop Topics

  • May – Getting to Know Your Digital Equipment – review of proper use of the basics and intro to the rarely used functions, including those used by professionals, that make up 90% of most equipment’s features
  • June – Korean Landscapes: basics and handling unique Korean challenges
  • July – Informal Portraitures:  basics and cultural nuances
  • August – Street/Decisive Moment Photography:  dealing with Korean strangers
  • September – Lighting & Color: controlling and creating photo environments in Korea
  • October – On-site Application of What’ve Learned at Gyeongbug-gung
  • November – Evaluating One’s Own and Other’s Photo Portfolios
  • December – Exhibition: Seoul location to be determined

Future/Concurrent Workshops

  • Fine Art Photography (workshop series)
  • Applying Leadership Skills to Your Photography (single workshop)
  • Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, etc. 3- and/or 5-day Photography Workshops (from 2015)


The first workshop will take place on Saturday, May 24, starting at 7:00 pm, at Spring Studio in Nonhyon-dong, Seoul. More information, please go to  To register for the workshops or for answers to your questions, please contact Tom Coyner at or at 010-9099-6195. For Korean language inquiries, please contact Sang-bum Lee at or at 010-5159-9693.