Korean and Irish Traditional Music joint concert

Korea Cultural House are planning a joint concert between Bard – a Korean band that plays traditional Irish music band that will be familiar to our readers from various IAK events and Gomul – a Korean band. This is part of a series organised by KOUS which brings Korean traditional music on stage with that of other cultures, in order to cast a new light on Korean music and encourage interest in traditional culture.

The event takes place on November 24th Saturday at 5pm at the Korea Cultural House KOUS. More info about the unique event here

Tickets: R seats 20,000 won / S seats 15,000 won / A seats 10,000 won (reservations: 02-3011-1720)
Address: Gangnam-gu, Daechi-dong 944-22
Directions: KOUS is located in Daechi-dong. You will need to take Subway Line 2 to Samseong Station, proceed out of Exit #4 and walk straight for 10 meters. KOUS is a 3min walk from ASEM Tower, the tall glass building beside the COEX.

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